Joey Galloway Is Delusional And Needs To Stop With His Penn State Bullshit


So I’m sitting on my couch watching the College Football Playoff announcement and the rankings themselves weren’t the story. No, instead we have Joey Galloway with the “fair is fair” bullshit take on Penn State possibly getting in.

GET OUT OF HERE! I don’t care if this team gets the luck of the draw and accidentally gets into the Big Ten Championship and beats Wisconsin there. I don’t care. This team can’t get in to the playoff. It’s not a Cinderella story like a Boise State or Washington. This team isn’t simply doesn’t belong in the final four. Watch one game with your eye for me. ONE.

The dude was defending Penn State like it was his alma mater. He went to OHIO STATE. This is insanity. You had Kirk Herbstreit being the cool cat he normally is, taking the sane person’s mentality that there’s no way the Nittany Lions should get in.

How much would it suck if Penn State played Alabama in the first round of the playoffs?

1) It would be the most lop-sided match-up in the history of important games. Remember earlier in the year when Michigan played Penn State?

Yeah, it would be somewhere around the lines of being that one-sided. Sure, Penn State has a good defense, but their offense would not be able to get ONE first down against that Bama defense.

If we are robbed of a potential Louisville or Ohio State vs. Alabama game then the whole nation should riot. Okay, actually we have enough of that, but we should do something aggressive like get really angry on Twitter for a few hours.

What’s horrifying is if Ohio State beats Michigan and Penn State wins out (very likely) then we’ll have Penn State playing for the Big Ten Championship. We’re so close to having a crazy good final four of teams, but also so much closer to utter disaster.

I can already hear the crying Penn State fans. “But we beat Ohio State!” “We have the best strength of wins” “We didn’t molest any children this year!” Sucks. If you played Ohio State another 50 times they’d probably beat you 48 of those games. Penn State plays Bama 50 times, every single game is decided by no less than 21 points. Louisville doesn’t have the resume and won’t be competing for the ACC Championship, but these kids ball out, especially the Heisman winner Lamar Jackson.

A Lamar Jackson-Alabama playoff would be absolute must-watch. A Penn State Alabama match-up would cause me to watch whatever movie is on HBO at the time. Shit.