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This Grandma Who Invited A Random Dude To Thanksgiving After Texting A Wrong Number Seems Like She's Got Some Sinister Motives


(“Who is those” must be the slow cousin of the “What are thoooose” meme)

Buzzfeed – On Tuesday, [17-year-old Phoenix resident Jamal Hinton] somehow got looped into a group text from an unknown number detailing Thanksgiving dinner plans that included family members “Amanda” and “Justin.” Hinton was confused and asked who these people were. The texter identified herself as “your grandma.”

Hinton told BuzzFeed News he thought it was his grandmother texting him, but to verify, he asked for a photo.

Hinton is getting back in touch with Your Grandma over text to coordinate real, potential plans. “Hey, another plate on Thanksgiving is always great,” he said.




So this one is going viral today, a little feel good story about people of different cultures coming together for Thanksgiving and enjoying each other’s company. But I see that exchange and all I can think is this:

Big Mama just looking to pipe. it. up. I fully admit I’ve spent too much time in both the MILF and BBC sections on Pornhub and I’ve been recently accused of being a sociopath so both of those facts may warp my view here. But all I could think seeing this as they’re sending selfies is that this looks an awfulllll lot like how spitting game looks like. She’s putting out her sexiest “I’m a young grandma” face, she clearly knew something was amiss, and then she starts talking about “feeding him that cake”….I don’t know man. I consider myself an expert in sexual tension and how to exploit it for personal gain and all I can see here is a woman embracing her femininity when faced with a strapping bull to come make her feel like she’s hanging out with the Ed Pickney and the Villanova basketball team again. Give Nana the ol eggplant delivery while the family is in a tryptophan coma and let’s cut the foreplay folks.