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Steve Smith Was Asked For His Take On The Evolution Of Kicking Throughout His Career And He Was Not Amused

I’m 1000% with Steve here. Not because I’m his biggest fan on the internet and I’m terrified to go against his word even behind a keyboard, but because he’s completely right. Who the hell cares about the “evolution” of kicking? Yes, football games can be won and lost on kicks, but the process of honing that craft is an eyesore. You just watch a guy kick and kick and kick and kick. Boooooring. Steve’s got much bigger things on his plate than worrying about silly kickers and their stupid craft. Bullying corners and taking their lunch money being first and foremost, and then murdering those corners in the media comes after. That’s what puts asses in seats. That’s what gets eyeballs and writes blogs and makes the NFL (and places like Barstool Sports) money. Definitely not kicking. Watching Justin Tucker work on his craft comes somewhere waaaay down that list somewhere behind medieval festivals, as Steve so kindly pointed out. What a dumb fucking question. Thank god we’ve got Steve Smith around to keep everyone in check.