Dog The Bounty Hunter Says Steven Avery And Brendan Dassey Should Have To Take Truth Serum And Answer To The Dog

Can I ask something that may seem a little dumb? Why isn’t Dog the bounty hunter the new secretary of Defense or at the very least the Attorney General? The whole world spent last winter captivated with Making A Murderer and along comes Dog 9 months later with a solution no one even thought about? Fucking truth serum. What are we even doing here guys? Stop wasting tax payer money and put these fuckers under some truth serum already. Then if they say they did in fact commit the murder, have Leland pepper spray them in the face, smash their ice pipe and tell them to go with Christ while big booby Beth talks to the crying family. Now take what I just said and put that on a national scale. The whole world plays checkers while Dog plays Chess. Fucking truth serum, genius.