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Tom Brady Mocks Deflategate In A New, Perfect Commercial

PERFECT. Legit flawless acting from Tom Brady (I don’t know why I’d ever expect less) and an incredible message. All things considered probably the best one ever. So good they should’ve saved it for the Super Bowl but it’s hard to get mad at the early release because no I can watch it over and over like Seinfeld reruns. What’s Foot Locker’s advertising budget for this thing because I’d like to help them out and make sure it’s on all day, every day. I’ll get a GoFundMe going and just give it right over to them so that this is the only ad that plays on NFL Sundays. I want it fucking geomarketed right to Roger Goodell’s house and I want it playing there 24/7. Look how stupid you are, Roger! You’re nothing more than a stupid kid at the diner counter, peddling conspiracy theories.

PS – I love how Brady was all in the second he realized he could make fun of Deflategate. “Eh I don’t know guys. Not sure I really want to do another commer– oh I fuck Goodell’s face on national tv agian? SOLD!”

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.58.37 AM