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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits He Has Smoked Crack But It's Totally NBD Because It Was In One Of His Drunken Stupors


(Source) Ford made the shocking statement Tuesday at Toronto City Hall in a scrum with reporters. “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” Ford said. “But, no — do I? Am I an addict, no? Have I tried it? Um, probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”



God I fucking love Rob Ford. He is Tommy Boy with a mean streak. Absolutely perfect. Yeah I smoked crack guys, but I was drunk, so it doesn’t count because when you’re drunk you do things you shouldn’t, ok. Best fucking politician answer ever. Stop denying your crack addiction, just blame it on your drinking problem. Done and done.



Oh and in case you aren’t familiar with Rob Ford, here’s his top 5 I ran a few months ago. Guy is a gem.

5. Rob Ford is fat, fat people are funny.


Such a cocky fat guy’s pose. The lean back belly nap


But wait. Don’t you dare call him a fat fuck to his face, otherwise he’ll get angry.



No better way to disprove someone calling you a fat Fuck than the good old belly bump.


Sidenote – Yellow blazer is an all time squid. Settle down tattle tale, let the fat fuck fight his own battles.



4. Rob Ford tries to play Football, and honestly, he nails it. Perfect 5 step drop. Footwork, flawless. Field Vision, A+.



3. Rob Ford gets weighed, promptly breaks his ankle stepping off a 6 inch high scale

Back sweat for days.

2. Theis video is from Rob Ford’s challenge to the people of Toronto to lose weight. He himself promised to “Cut The Waist” and get in shape. So how’d he do? Well a week into the challenge he gets caught going into a KFC and getting the biggest bucket of Fried Chicken on the menu.

“Hey aren’t you supposed to be losing weight”?

“Well… you know”


1. Rob Ford vs Camera, winner, Camera.