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Tinder Now Offers 37 Different Gender Types To Choose From. Not A Typo, I Said 37.

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(Source)The world is a much more complicated place than it used to be — and notorious dating app Tinder has made a major overhaul to its platform to reflect that growing complexity. The online matchmaking app has launched a new update that gives users the ability to choose between 37 different genders. Previously, users could only pick between male and female. The additional genders include options such as gender fluid, androgynous, pangender, non-binary, gender questioning, transgender and transsexual. But if users still can’t find their preferred option, they can also type in the gender title they wish to be identified as. Ostensibly the update is about driving a culture of inclusiveness and offering an olive branch to the trans community.

I’m a progressive guy. Whatever you want to do with your naughty bits, fucking do it. It’s absolutely zero skin off my ass. But thirty seven? That’s how many genders we’re working with right now? THIRTY SEVEN? I’m sorry, that’s too many. I’ll always try not to be an asshole but if you tell me you’re an androgynous pangender non-binary transexual then you better help me get my jaw off the floor and then repeat that shit. Thirty seven genders is like a teacher giving you an exam when you’ve only heard of a tiny bit of the material, some has very briefly been mentioned and in a mumbled tone, and the rest they just completely made up. You know what happens when I take an exam like that? I do my best and then I stare at the ceiling until it’s been an acceptable amount of time that I can get the hell out of there without causing a scene. THIRTY SEVEN genders, people. Is it even possible for some of those people to match with another person in a remotely reasonable zone, or are they the only ones on the planet? I feel like some of those genders are Adams looking for their Eve and the world has never seen such a creature so they’ve gotta beg god to take a rib and make another. Forgive me if I’m being rude, it’s just a lot to take in right now. I hate to sound like an old man but I grew up with male and female, then I matured and there were a couple other options mixed in, but now we’re at 37 and I just don’t know how to handle it. I’m all for inclusiveness and olive branches to the trans community but if you think I’m learning 37 genders then you’re crazy. But best of like swiping.

PS – I’m not on Tinder but as a guy who’s forgotten to uncheck a box or two on porn searches, I recommend you double check your Tinder preferences. A surprise like that can be shocking on a computer screen, not sure what it’s like in real life.