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Dayton Hoops Accidentally Charters Hillary Clinton's Campaign Plane, Actually Wins Game Though

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DaytonThe Dayton Flyers traveled toTuscaloosa, Ala. on Monday afternoon for Tuesday’s game against Alabama in a campaign plane of former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

UD does not get to choose what planes it charters and had no idea it was flying on Clinton’s plane until showed up at the airport. A spokesman said UD goes through a charter broker, and it’s all about what aircraft are available from approved companies.

UD informs the charter broker how many people it has on a trip. UD has flown on the planes of professional sports teams before, but this is the first time it has flown on a plane branded by a political campaign.

How does the Dayton AD let this happen and how does the coach let it actually take off? I mean could there be a worse omen for your team than getting on a Hillary Clinton plane? The bad juju floating around that motherfucker has got to just seep straight through your pores. Honestly shocked the thing didn’t just immediately nose dive out of the sky. I guess maybe it’s keeping things more realistic and doing more of a slow play, flying straight and effortlessly for a while building everyone’s hopes up that it’s safe and getting super cocky only to crash and blow the fuck up on landing leaving America in shambles.

Just saying next team to take this thing out I’d strap in your seat belts extra tight.


At least it got to carry a winner up to 30,000 feet for once?

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