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I Don't Know What To Make Of This Norwegian Dude Rolling Around After Norway's First Snow Of The Year

What the fuck did I just watch? Why did that happen? What compelled this to be put together? Who thought this was a good idea? Am I dreaming and that didn’t really happen at all? I need answers and I need them now. The video is oddly captivating if we’re being totally honest. I was invested the entire time. I even felt the stings of cold pain as he rolled around in the snow. Turns out I would probably watch a full hour of a crazy Norwegian man frolicking about in the snow. Frolicking isn’t the right word. He was downright in love with that snow. So much so that there’s zero chance he didn’t get frost bite or hypothermia or both. Which he in no way felt or realized because he was chugging vodka and beer and oddly staring into the camera as he did so. The jumping from an ice bath directly into snow is what should’ve killed him. Pure madness.