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CJ Beathard Says A Cop Found A Kid Wearing His Helmet In Downtown Iowa City After Iowa's Win Over Michigan

LEGENDARY. That’s fucking hilarious. Everyone who was at the Michigan/Iowa game the other night is gonna have a story. They’ll have a story about watching the field goal sail through the uprights and hugging every person in sight, strangers included. Or they’ll have a story about rushing the field. Or they’ll have a story about rushing the field and getting de-cleated by defensive end Chris Wormley. But the guy who swiped CJ Beathard’s helmet and then wore it around downtown Iowa City will have hands-down the best story of all. He can tell that story for the rest of his life and get a laugh every time. I can’t even imagine the reactions he got from people going bar to bar in an Iowa football helmet like, “Yeah I rushed the field and took CJ Beathard’s helmet.” I hope that kid drank for free at every bar. The best part is you know he didn’t do it maliciously. He didn’t steal Beathard’s helmet so he could sell it or anything. The kid was simply a Hawkeye football fan having the best damn night of his life. Fucking fantastic.