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Katie Ledecky Winning a 1000m Race By 30+ Seconds Is Bonkers


I know it’s not the Olympics but, unbeknownst to me, folks are still swimming in competition. Takes a lot to make me watch a swimming video when the Summer Games aren’t on, but Katie did just that by dominating like she did in that race. Katie Ledecky might be the most dominant athlete in sports soon. She is gonna kick the vaginas of every other swimmer in the world in for years to come. Being 35 seconds ahead of second place, 10 seconds ahead of the NCAA record, and 20 seconds ahead of the pool records is preposterous. Breaking a record that has stood for 26 years by 10 seconds and look like she’s not even breathing hard is eye-popping (no disrespect to Rigg) to say the least. Swim Katie Swim!