Latest Kim Kardashian Conspiracy Theory - The Robbery Was Staged To Cover Up Her Ass Reduction

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UproxxWhile critics have accused Kim of staging the robbery for publicity and show ratings, one theory gaining traction is Kim faked it all to quietly get a “butt reduction” and recover. Yeah, and you thought the “Taylor Swift did it!” theory was insane. H8ers are using recent pictures posted on Kim’s app as definitive proof that the curvaceous star went under the knife and used the robbery story as a cover-up while she recovered. The pics, taken during Halloween but posted by Rob Kardashian over the weekend, shows a noticeably smaller-in-the-butt Kim dressed up as Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine. “Kim Kardashian faked her robbery to get her botched ass fixed to a normal ass. Thank you and goodnight,” tweeted a fan about Kim’s less cartoonish figure. “The ‘robbery’ happened just in time for Kim to be able to heal from her butt reduction,” chimed another. However, not everyone is hating on Kim Kardashian’s seemingly new silhouette. An observer thinks if Kim did get a “butt reduction,” it was a wise decision, posting, “it might be the best decision in her life.”

The proof is in that ass full of pudding! Theres just no denying that ass is like 4 sizes smaller. It really is the perfect crime by Kris Jenner. The Crown Jewel of her Empire – Kim Kardasian’s Ass – had grown too large. Like the Roman Empire. Its boundaries stretched too far. It was impossible to control. It could not be contained. And so to quickly and quietly rectify this situation, she creates a diversion. Smoke and mirrors. Look over here while suck the goo out of my daughter’s ass! Kim K’s body changes like the goddam weather but no ass can drastically change that much without some assistance.

Really makes you wonder what was in that ass in the first place. I bet it was just filled with money. Like a goddam piggy bank. Maybe she took some money out to get Kanye out of debt and thats why it so much smaller.