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All Of The Eagles Drops From This Season, And I Can't Believe The Video's Just One Minute

Jimmy Kempski of the Philly Voice put together this compilation of every drop from this Eagles season and it is frustrating to say the least. Any time I hear the Dak Prescott/Carson Wentz argument, I just imagine what Wentz would be like if he were blessed with a Dez Bryant, much less an Ezekiel Elliot or the best offensive line in the game. Teams with Julio Joneses and A.J. Greens don’t really know how blessed they are, or how many years they are keeping on the end of their lives by not having to deal with a wide receiver corps that couldn’t catch AIDS in Freddy Mercury’s butthole. Queen is sick though.

Luckily the Minnesota Vikings are reeling right now, so our draft pick is looking promising regardless of whether we can put it all together in time for the playoffs or not. If the Vikings pick winds up being better than the Eagles original first rounder would have been, the already-good Bradford trade will wind up looking like an absolute coup. And after all, I guess we’re still trying to build something around Wentz, and are exceeding expectations, but those damn first three games tricked me.

I just can’t believe the video was only one minute long, considering last year’s video was like 10 minutes. I guess there’s a lot of season left.