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John Daly And His Son Are Set To Participate In The PNC Father/Son Challenge For The First Time

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CBS Sports- The event is the PNC Father-Son Challenge, and it will host 20 teams including Vijay Singh, Lanny Wadkins, Bernhard Langer, David Duval and their sons on Dec. 8-11 at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida. This will be the Dalys’ first time to compete. Little John is just 13 years old. He does seem to have a knack for the camera like his pops, though. He made this video of himself hitting a ball off a soda bottle earlier this year.  “I have said many times before that the PNC Father-Son is one of the most anticipated events of the year for me,” Nicklaus said. “It gives me a chance to catch up with a lot of friends and a rare chance to tee it up with one of my sons. People always ask me what my dream foursome would be, and I always say I would try to bend the rules and play as a fivesome so all four of my sons could come along. Big John is one of those fathers as he just turned 50. Nicklaus’ son is 55. This should be some must-see TV with a legendary family in the Nicklauses and maybe an even more legendary family in the Dalys.

Forget THE PLAYERS. The PNC Father/Son Challenge is the 5th major now that the Dalys are involved. I need them in matching outfits every single day of the tournament. I need Little John to be smoking those fake candy cigarettes next to his Dad the entire time. I need Big John letting Little John take a sip of his Jack and coke every other hole. I need Hooters waitresses sitting on Little John’s lap and demanding a divorce. This might be a stretch, and has nothing to do with golf, but I wouldn’t hate a Will Smith-style “Just The Two Of Us” music video from Big John and Little John. Maybe that can be their walk up song or something. Blow this thing out. I basically want The Dalys to terrorize this tournament like only The Dalys can. Basically turn the whole thing into Happy Gilmore.