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Michigan's Chris Wormley Absolutely LEVELED An Iowa Fan On Saturday

I wanna be mad at that. I wanna rant and rave and call Chris Wormley a big meany head and a poor sport for not even offering to help the guy up. But I can’t. It’s too damn funny. It makes it 100x funnier that Wormley acts like he didn’t even realize he pretty much just killed an old guy dead. Or at the very least shattered both of his hips. I can’t be mad at that cause, if you run onto the field after a big win, you gotta keep you head on a swivel. That’s Field Running 101. Once you hop those barriers and run onto the field of play, you’re fair game. You might as well be wearing pads. Except you’re not so if you get hit by a 300-pound defensive end it’s gonna hurt like a mother fucker. The last reason I can’t be mad at that is because Iowa won. Nothing else matters. Not even the carcass of that dead old man on the field. Go Hawks.