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The New Taco Bell On The Vegas Strip Is Your Late Night Muchies Mecca

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Fortune - Taco Bell just opened a new Taco Bell Cantina restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. The menu features tapas-style sharing plates of nachos, quesadillas, and chicken fingers alongside a wide-range of customizable slushies from the restaurant’s “Freeze Wall.” Guests can choose flavors like margarita, piña colada, or berry blast and later decide to add liquor, ranging from tequila to spiced rum.

The restaurant also features a deejay area, a VIP lounge, and custom artwork.

Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell’s CMO, told Business Insider, the company wants customers to experience “the whole lifestyle of Taco Bell.”

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I love Vegas. I find it fascinating. They took this plot of desert in the middle of Nevada and turned it into the world’s largest Fantasy Factory and it makes absolutely no sense at all. There’s more water in this piece of desert than in the entire country of Africa. I laugh every time I see the fountains doing water tricks thinking about how Starvin Marvin would have a heart attack if he saw how carelessly we used water. It’s awesome.

And now it’s even better. Because when it comes down to it, the worst thing about Vegas is going out at night. Fuck fancy nightclubs where you sit at a table with $300 bottles of Grey Goose while music blares in your ears while pretentious, self-important douchebags in tight shirts and too much hair gel walk around making it all about themselves. No need for that anymore, bitches. I’ll be sitting VIP at the Taco Bell Lounge. There’s quite literally nowhere else to be on the Vegas strip. Look at that place, it’s beautiful! A wall of slushies that you can add liquor to. A full menu of chalupas and tacos and every other munchie you need. A lounge area so you can relax while taking in everything Vegas has to offer. This place truly has it all and I look forward to meeting the future Mrs. Nate Dogg in line for tacos the next time I’m out there.