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This Chick Has Some Of The Silkiest Hands On The Planet

Guess it only makes sense that somebody who lives along the Silk Road would have an extra silky pair of mitts (I’m gonna go ahead and call that the best geography joke of the day).

Fatima from the United Arab Emirates. Just saucin’ around like she’s Rob Schremp out there. Do I need to invite Fatima to Philly so we can have a Dangle-Off?


In the name of #content, I think I at least have to throw the invitation out there. Either way, I started today not even knowing that they had hockey rinks in the UAE, let alone hockey teams, let alone a women’s team, let alone girls who can break out moves like that. I think we all learned a little something today and we’re better off for it. I guess all that nonsense Gary Bettman has been spewing about growing the game actually holds some merit.

(P.S. – no, this blog was not just an excuse for me to post that GIF. At least it wasn’t at first).