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Just Your Standard Delco White Trash Cat Fight At The Eagles Tailgate

LeSeana McCoy vs. Flechana Cox. Two seasoned veterans of ratchet go at it in a battle of who has the better family crest inspired Tramp Stamp or whose boyfriend slings the more potent pills. Big ups to #91 for going Iphone first and busting McCoy’s frames. Using the most valuable item you own as a weapon assures that gal is prime marriage material for the most eligible barback at Barnaby’s in Aston. Also, not a good look yelling “Try me, you fucking bitch!” after you got tried and lost. At that point it’s wise to tuck your alcoholism between your legs and go buy some dignity at Wawa.

Delco doing the damn thing in the Linc parking lot this season. These kinds of tailgate incidents means the Delconians are drinking way too much. Or not enough. Always forget with them.

PS – Points for effort.

h/t Michael