Ukrainian Parliament Dude Gets Fed Up And Starts Throwing Punches

I guarantee I’m not the first blogger to say this but I love how in other parts of the world it’s okay to just stand up and start throwing haymakers at each other. In a weird way it’s probably therapeutic for the politicians. Think about it this way. When guy friends are really mad at each other what happens? They fist fight and when it’s over they’re usually closer than they were pre-fight. When girl friends are really mad at each other what happens? They stay quiet and let the their feelings fester until they reveal themselves in the wrong way. They undermine each other and spread rumors that the other has an eating disorder or lopsided boobs or a weirdly giant labia. That’s how Americans politics currently operate. Instead of just launching fists at each other’s faces our politicians let their feelings fester and it leads to back stabbing as the partisan gaps gets larger and larger. The punching system obviously isn’t fool proof cause Ukraine isn’t exactly a governing powerhouse but I prefer their beef-settling methods over ours for sure.