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Bigger Upset – Clem Doesn’t Like Cream Cheese Or Clem Doesn’t Snore?


So last week I found out 2 absolutely stunning Clem facts. The first one was that the dude doesn’t like cream cheese. Just a flat out stunner. I’ve never even met anybody who doesn’t like cream cheese let alone a dude who weighs 4 bills. Sure I’ve heard of people putting butter on their bagels but Clem seems like a butter and cream cheese type of guy. Just preposterous for somebody with his physique to not like cream cheese. Seriously what gives Clem that right? And just when I thought I couldn’t be more stunned Chaps casually told me that Clem slept in his hotel room last week and was quiet as a church mouse. Didn’t snore at all. Not even heavy breathing. Nothing. Just like sleeping next to a dainty 85 pound chick. UNREAL. How the fuck doesn’t Clem snore? Like you show me a guy who doesn’t like cream cheese and a guy who doesn’t snore and I’ll show you an emo dude in skinny jeans or a fancy gay guy. But nope in this case it’s fucking Clem. The guy with the nicknames Megabus and Wideload. I honestly can’t wrap my brain around it. I can’t decide what is the more stunning Clem fact. I think it’s maybe not snoring? But honestly it’s too close to call. Just when you think you have a guy figured out huh?