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Wife Drives Around Looking For Her Husband, Finds Out He Was Out Drinking All Night, Beats Him With A Machete

(Source)A wife furious with her husband after he was out all night drinking has confronted him with a machete on a busy street in broad daylight. The woman drove around looking for her husband in peak hour, the morning after his bender in Bangkok, Thailand. A shocked onlooker said: ‘From what she said to him, it looked like he had been out all night partying without telling her. The woman spotted him nursing his hangover eating breakfast at a street food stall and parked her car on the side of the road. As she confronted her disheveled husband she whipped out a huge hunting knife, waving it in his face, ordering him to go home. As the man dawdled to the side of the road his wife whacked him with the flat part of the blade. She ordered him into the front seat of her car, where onlookers heard him receive a severe ear bashing.

If the shoe was on the other foot and this was a husband attacking his wife then it’s a horrible, despicable act but guess what? I’m all about double standard! I like to consider myself a pretty progressive guy but the fact of the matter is generally speaking women are smaller and weaker than men so when they get mad and aggressive it’s funny. I’m sorry. That’s just a fact. I’ve come to 2016 with a lot of my views but I just can’t get mad or up in arms about an angry woman employing the use of force.
But what I need to know is what day this took place? Because guess what, hunny? Saturdays are for the boys. If this was Friday night then yeah, he fucked up. If it was Sunday night, he fucked up. But if this is taking place in the wee hours of Sunday monring then you have absolutely no jurisdiction here. Saturdays don’t end until you go to bed and if you were out getting ripped up with the lads then grabbed some street meat to soak up that booze on Sunday morning then this gentleman did nothing wrong.
Also, while it’s grainy footage, I’d say this wife might want to pump the breaks a bit. She looks rather homely while he’s got that Asian pop star look going. If you want to fly close to the sun with someone out of your league, every once in a while they’re gonna spend a night partying with like-looking folk.