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Serge Ibaka Notched A Career High And Hit A Game Winner In His Return To OKC

Soo, OKC came back to earth a little bit after that scorching start. Durant put up big numbers vs. them and now Ibaka drops a career high 31 and hits the game winner. He was the ball handler and primary option on that play too, rather than just standing in the corner waiting to hit a three, which he was relegated to doing in OKC. It’s even more badass for Ibaka because he said he’s never hit a game winner before. Ever.

It seems like these standout performances are very deliberately executed against Westbrook. And yeah, Russ notched his 3rd triple double of the season and the 40th of his career, but if he’s got a bullseye on his back with everyone trying to put up big numbers against him, it dilutes his stellar production. He’s .8 rebounds away from averaging a triple double, but his team has leveled out to 6-4, and he’s got to be learning that he can’t do this alone.

It’s hard not to think that it’s a comment on Westbrook every time Durant praises Curry, especially with this overlay.