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I Respect The Hell Out Of Chris Conte For Saying "Fuck Chicago" After Yesterday's Game

(Source) Safety Chris Conte was the focus of much criticism during his time with the Bears, which provided him with some extra motivation when his old team came to Tampa on Sunday.

Conte did his part to spur the Buccaneers to victory with a 20-yard interception return for a touchdown in the 36-10 rout. Conte got a penalty for excessive celebration of his first NFL touchdown and then opened up a cut on coach Dirk Koetter’s head when the celebration continued on the sideline.

Koetter quipped that Conte acted like “he’s never scored a touchdown before” while the safety said four years with the Bears were on his mind throughout the game.

“I hate to make it personal, but for me it is personal,” Conte said, via the Chicago Tribune. “It feels great. I don’t want to say, ‘F— you, Chicago.’ But, I want to say, ‘F— you, Chicago.’”

That won’t do much to improve the opinion of Conte with Bears fans, but that seems to suit him just fine after Sunday’s win.

Now hear me out. First of all Chris Conte thinking he was unfairly treated in Chicago is bullshit. Yeah it may have been overblown and as I said many times over, when your safety is responsible for making 1 on 1 tackles against running backs running at full speed every single game the problem is probably more up in the front 7 than the back 4, but the point remains, he sucked in Chicago. Watch any of the tape, watch the fucking 4th and 8 Randall Cobb play against the Packers in Week 17, watch all of it and you realize he was subpar every which way. Lead leaguing tickler for a reason. So don’t cry for me Chris Conte. But with all that said I respect his comments simply for the fact that players rarely speak that openly. Usually it’s an “I treat every game the same, one game at a time, play the team in front of you blah blah blah bullshit”. Conte on the other hand was open and honest. He was pissed and played with an extra edge. He thinks he was slighted and it helped him reach a higher level to take it out on the Bears. I love hearing things like that from football players. When they admit that they are humans too and the media and fans sometimes get to them. Maybe this is the wrong take but this was my knee jerk reaction when I saw his comments. Chris Conte said Fuck Chicago, well good for him for saying what he actually feels. Oh and fuck him too, signed every Bears fan everywhere.