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The Arena Football League Is Bringing A Team To Bmore And I'm All In

Baltimore AFL

Monumentalsports.comMonumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) today announced the acquisition of an Arena Football League (AFL) team, which will play at Baltimore’s Royal Farms Arena starting in the spring of 2017. The soon-to-be-named AFL team joins the Washington Valor as the newest teams in the AFL.

The team is currently conducting a search for a head coach, who will oversee Baltimore’s football operations and assemble a staff and roster.

“We are looking forward to bringing an AFL team to the Baltimore community,” said Monumental Sports & Entertainment founder and majority owner Ted Leonsis. “Baltimore is known for its passionate sports fans, and we look forward to their spirited support of their AFL team. The AFL is a fast, fun experience for families and fans of all ages. We are excited about growing the league and using an array of technologies to bring fans closer to the game and the players. Baltimore is a natural location, and I envision some great rivalries between Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia.”

I was all in on the Washington Valor. Arena Football, live and in person, is a great time. I was pumped a team was coming to the area. And now? Fuck the Washington Valor. Because this Baltimore team is going to destroy them. Baltimore is a football town. We bleed football. Indoor, outdoor, in the snow up hill both ways.

I wouldn’t say the Ravens and Redskins are rivals (they would have to win something in the last 20 years to be considered rivals). I wouldn’t even say the Nats and O’s are rivals, seeing as we take over their little stadium every summer. But the Washington Arena team and the Baltimore Arena team, those are going to be rivals. Sure it’s just arena, but I already hate their guts.

Baltimore Arena aka Royal Farms Arena is going to be filled with the most degenerate of football fans and I cannot wait. Camo pants up to the rafters. The Chicken Box shouldn’t be too difficult to fill on a few spring Sundays. Grab a little arena football, hit the casino post-game, have yourself a nice little Sunday. Baltimore just keeps getting better and better.