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The Eagles Find A Way To Win, Er, Don't Blow It For Once

Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles win a game they pretty much dominated from beginning to end. And boy oh boy did Doug and his gang try to screw their own pooch. Forget about the refs. Shit happens that’s out of everyone’s control. You know what the Eagles had 100% complete control over today? Not sneaking it with your 240lb QB full of midwestern farm meat on the one-inch line. Maybe don’t take a delay of game penalty on a third and long that turned a 49-yard FG boot into a career long 54-yard attempt and miss by Sturgis (that was ironically about 5 yards light of the goalpost). PENALTIES. The Birds were in the driver seat from beginning to end and still almost found a way to lose.

Lots of positives, obviously. The run game is firing on all cylinders. The defense is borderline dominant. The Linc is ELECTRIC and the Eagles truly may not lose at home all season. But there’s still a long way to go. 5-4 and @ Seattle next week followed by the Packers and Bengals. So, yeah. Enjoy this one, but we’re gonna have to keep winning these teams vs. real good teams. Especially since the rest of the NFC East is somehow winning week in and week out, too. Drinks at Xfinity on me somebody. Now do me a favor and cue this bitch up.