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Eagles Vs. Falcons This Game Will Dictate The Team's Season Live Blog

First off, who the FUCK are these “Experts” making these predictions? Whole Milk on the right saying “I believe in Doug Pederson and the weapons he has” is an outrageous idiotic comment. Or most likely this guy hasn’t seen a single Eagles game all year. If he did he wouldn’t believe Doug Pederson was an actively thinking mammal, let alone a NFL head coach and the likes of Jordan Butterfingers and Zach “Always a year away of being the next Jimmy Graham” would be considered weapons. Peashooters, maybe. Not weapons to go to war with.

Regardless, win this Conference game and it’s 5-4. Lose and this squad may have to run the table to make the dance. Amazing, but that’s what happens when you start 3-0 then drop 4 NFC games, three of which were vs. Divisional opponents. Tiebreakers are a bitch. Let’s take care of business. Fly, baby. Fly.