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The Weekend Greenie Bag - Is It Time To Panic?


Oh hello there. Welcome back to your favorite Saturday tradition, the Weekend Greenie Bag. You might be wondering “Greenie, you just put out a 2000 word blog on the Celtics this morning. Aren’t you tired of talking about them for one day?” The answer is absolutely not. I made a commitment over two months ago to this blog, and to my loyal reader so there is no chance I was missing this week. That’s just my commitment to you and #content.

This past week was filled with a shit ton of concern, some panic, but mostly anger. I’ve talked about this blog as being a safe space for stoolies and Green Teamers from around the world to vent their frustration and that’s exactly what we got. If you are finally ready to step outside of your shell and be involved, just tweet something with #Greeniebag or email me at As always, a sincere thank you to those two wrote in, you sure do know how to make a blogger feel special.

OK enough dick grabbing, let’s get to your questions.

Interesting question here Fredrik. Obviously they would star across from like Drew Barrymore or some shit so it’s a matter of who I think would have the right type of chemistry. I’m going to go with Isaiah, because this is what the movie would probably be. Playboy Isaiah Thomas can’t stop doing well with the ladies, and nobody can believe it because he’s so short. They don’t think he is one of the best game talkers out there. Instance after instance though he finds himself in the company of smoke after smoke, only to one day meet Drew Barrymore. She talks about he brings everything to the table, how she wants to be with Isaiah, but he’s just too short. After a 45 second montage of them unhappy with their lives, they randomly run into one another one day where Barrymore has a huge monologue where she cries at the end because she finally realizes there is more to Isaiah than his height. They live happily ever after.

Mr. Chernin, that one’s free.

It’s 100% Amir Johnson. I wrote about it earlier this week, but his drop in rebounding has me straight dumbfounded. What makes it particularly weird was how energetic he was in the first couple games of the season. Another empty 20 minutes again last night, this is real cause for concern. Something has to be going on. Watching him play, he has no lift, and when you factor in his foot issues in the past, you can’t ignore what we’ve seen.


Looking ahead, of all the possible free agents available next offseason, who do you think realistically think the Celtics will be able/look to sign?

Keep up the great writing, -Alex

Alex it’s a tough question because the summer of 2017 is going to be the Summer of Player Options. Guys like Steph Curry are unrestricted FAs, but he isn’t going anywhere. That means guys like Durant/Blake/Milsap/Gallinari/Monroe etc will have a choice to make as to whether or not they are entering the market. Other than that, a lot of the other good FAs are restricted and probably don’t hit the market either. Guys like Ibaka will be unrestricted, and the Celts obviously need big man help, but I don’t see them paying his price. Bogut could be an option if he doesn’t stay in Dallas after this season, and maybe he comes at a fairly reasonable cost.

In terms of who they’ll be able to sign, that shouldn’t be a problem. The cap is going up, guys like Amir/Jonas come off the books, so the Celtics will have max money to spend if they so choose.

I’m not entirely sure about the overseas contract stuff, but I’m guessing they can’t play in Boston this season. Would they help? I dunno, look for yourself


Alright Greenie, after that first quarter against Stephen Curry, I mean Emmanuel Mudiay, and the Nuggets, how better will this defense get with a healthy Crowder and healthy Horford? What changed from last year to this year? Thanks for covering the Celtics thoroughly! (And hopefully the rest of the NBA soon) – Ryan

Ryan I won’t sit here and make excuses for the defense this past week, but I want you to know that it will get better. Every season is different, so while the expectation was that the defense would translate from year to year, you actually have to be about it, you can’t just talk about it. Obviously if ANY team in the NBA plays without two of their best defenders they are going to struggle, but I don’t want to be lazy and just group their struggles all under not having those guys. It’s an effort thing, plain and simple. They still have perimeter defenders in Avery and Marcus. Amir Johnson still exists. The problem in my eyes was they played down to their opponent and didn’t give the 100% effort that made them so successful last season.

The good news is don’t panic. It might not seem this way because guys are making them, but the Celtics actually ARE challenging three pointers at a pretty good clip so far. Things will level out I am sure of it.



Do you make this trade? I do. Also includes both BKN picks – Adam


Listen Adam, few people in this city want Boogie in Boston more than me. But I say no to this deal. It’s too rich for my blood and here’s why. Sooner or later the Kings are going to have to move Boogie because there is NO chance he resigns there after next season. The closer we get to that date, the lower his price becomes because the Kings run out of leverage. They aren’t going to want to lose him for nothing. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say we do this trade and get Boogie. The Celts have now lost three of their best defensive players and I’m sorry, but a lineup of Isaiah/Smart/Gay/Olynyk/Boogie does not beat CLE. Also factor in they don’t have either BKN pick? No thank you.

We now shift gears to this week’s Greenie Awards


This weeks MVP: Isaiah Thomas

His 27/6 this week, including his 29 through three quarters last night pretty much make this the easiest choice of all time.

Play of the week: Isaiah Thomas

You may be a Pornhub guy/girl, I’m more of a watch Isaiah Thomas throw beautiful no look bounce passes from 26 ft to a cutting Kelly Olynyk kinda guy. Different strokes for different folks.


This week’s LVP: Amir Johnson

He had 7 rebounds this week. Seven.

This week’s Most Improved Player: Marcus Smart

Double digits in every game this week, including two that had multiple three point makes. Playing around 34+ minutes in two of the three they played, his ankle looks 100% and as a result his play is improving.

Have a great weekend everyone!