The Warriors Calling Themselves Super Villains With Balloons And Snapchat Filters Is Cringeworthy As Fuck


Jesus Christ, can the Warriors get any cornier? And this isn’t coming from someone that hates them or constantly clowns them. I actually like watching them play and have no reason to dislike them. Seeing Steph or Klay or KD go full tilt as the Vines start to flood Twitter is awesome. But this whole set up is kind of a try hard move. You can’t just go around dubbing yourself super villains. It’s like giving yourself a nickname. Fake and forced as hell. I don’t think a lot of people actually HATE the Warriors. People HATED the Heat because of the way LeBron ripped out Cleveland’s heart on national TV during The Decision and because Pat Riley is a schmuck and because of the goddamn circle jerk the held after The Big Three signed with Miami.

Stuff like that is why the entire universe outside of Miami and the typical dick jumping fans (you know who you are) were rooting for the Mavs during the 2011 NBA Finals. If Dirk could have run for President after that series, he would have won.

Anyway, I don’t think people view the Warriors as super villains. I think people view them as awesome players that are kinda lame. Whether it’s Steph shoes, Ayesha crying about the NBA being rigged, Draymond not knowing how to send pegleg dick pics on Snapchat correctly, Klay having the personality of cardboard, or basically anything Kevin Durant has said or done since he signed with the Warriors. They are an awesome basketball team full a jump shooters that people will root against because America loves the underdog. And because Draymond likes punching cocks. But the fact remains that no lame ass party with balloons and face painting are going to make the Warriors more hatable. It’s like when Vince McMahon is trying to jam a heel down the fans’ throats and the fans just don’t care, no matter how many titles that wrestler wins. The Warriors are basically The Situation from Jersey Shore to most people and that is NOT a good thing for a team trying to dub itself a “Super Villain”.

And when you have your entire team posing for a picture from a drone controlled by JaVale McGee, you DEFINITELY don’t get the super villain status. You are too collectively dumb as a team and a franchise if you let that silly son of a bitch fly a drone within a thousand miles of your moneymakers. Maybe if more people dressed like Zaza’s lame ass, the Warriors could garner more hate. But super villains? Get the fuck outta here. You gotta start table topping people during games or everyone starts crushing peoples’ dicks like Draymond. Even Klay doesn’t have time for this nonsense.


Then again, maybe this is all a subtle shot at the NBA’s super team. Like a “come and get us, we are the villains” chirp. And if that’s the case, I’ll just warn the Warriors that you shouldn’t mess with the bull if you don’t want to get the horns.