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People Seem To Be Surprised That This Police Chief Didn't Get A Ticket After Going 100+ MPH

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I refuse to believe people are this dumb. I won’t stand for it. The people who are outraged about this are being dumb on purpose. They also clearly haven’t seen ‘The Wire’ which makes me hate them even more. Of course cops aren’t gonna give a speeding ticket to another cop! Let alone a police chief. Are you crazy? Nobody wants to be the guy who’s like, “Even though you’re the police chief I’m still gonna have to give you a ticket for speeding.” Everybody hates that guy. To put it into more relatable terms, the cop who gives another cop a speeding ticket is like the guy at work who tells on other people if they’re late. Oh you don’t know anybody like that? That’s because they don’t exist! Just like cops who give other cops tickets don’t exist. A cop who did that would be outcast by his peers in a millisecond. And spare me the, “We all live under the same laws and should be held to the same standard” bullshit. Sure okay. Maybe in an ideal world that’s true but we don’t live in an ideal world. A world like that is about as real as Candy Land.