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Shia LaBeouf Raps On "Sway In The Morning" And It's Actually Not That Bad?

Oh shit son! Shia coming with bars on bars on bars on bars! I love it. Throw a couple of jabs at Drake while he’s at it? Why the fuck not. I was soooooo nervous to click on that video. I am the leader of the Shia LaBeouf Redemption Story and I was so nervous that was gonna be downright awful. I expected it to be cringe city. I thought he was gonna accidentally drop an N bomb or something. Instead? Instead liquid hot magma came pouring out of Louis Stevens’ face over Biggie and Pac beats. He ripped it like a B-Rabbit at The Shelter. He ripped it like Young Unsweetened going at Dave Portnoy’s throat.  I’m telling you. This is the guy to root for right now. Everybody loves an underdog redemption story. We all wrote Shia off like 4 years ago. Well he’s officially back. He’s sober (I think) and focused. So focused that he can drop a trailer for a serious miltary movie one day and then drop a sizzling rap the next day. LET’S GO!