For Some Reason The Raptors Scheduled "Drake Night" For When They Play The Warriors On November 16th

Can someone tell the Raptors promotions coordinator or whoever was in charge of this decision that Drake is the biggest bandwagon jumper in sports? That’s like his calling card or whatever. Yeah I know Drake rides and dies with the Raptors when he’s court side. But we can all agree that there is at least like a 30% chance that he changes into a Warriors jersey at halftime if the Dubs are steamrolling the Raptors, right? Like if Steph pulls shots like this out of his ass on Wednesday, you think Drake is going to be popping his Raptors jersey? Are you crazy?

You have to have Drake Night when the Nets are in town or some shit. Guys like Drake don’t change. They have scallywag blood in their body forever. Drake would steal your girl right from under your arm and say that he is doing you a favor. And are you really gonna trust a guy with a bad boy tattoo like this?


Fuck no. Canadian rappers that have clip art tattoos with the word “unruly” underneath are nothing but trouble. And Drake already has Durant Warriors jersey.

Connect the dots ya canucks! This is like watching a Littlefinger betrayal in slow motion. Be better, Canada. You are about to have a lot of butthurt celebrities living in your country.