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A Reminder That Rams Player William Hayes Doesn't Believe In Dinosaurs But Would Fuck a Mermaid

I had completely forgotten William Hayes doesn’t believe in dinosaurs. Perfect logic for it- nobody has ever seen a dinosaur, so how could they possibly exist? Kinda like everything that happened before the camera was invented, just a bunch of he-said she-said. Like if you lived in the year 1500, you could plausibly convince people that you invented the wheel or fire or anal, because there was no way for people to prove otherwise.

His logic is open and shut. People have planted dino bones around the world to then go dig up to act like they are doing something. William Hayes sees right through the smoke and mirrors. Just a bunch of clay put together by nerds.

But on the other hand, he believes in Mermaids because there is so much ocean out there, how could you not? You simply can’t prove that mermaids don’t exist because we haven’t seen every inch of the deep blue sea. Dinosaurs though, impossible, because we have seen every inch of land and no human ever saw a velociraptor prancing around.

PS: respect to him for being honest. We’d all fuck a mermaid if she was bad enough. Ariel, yessir. You’re just lying to yourself if you wouldn’t.