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Alright But Seriously. Whose Mom Is This?

So this lady was taking off all across the world wide web yesterday. Quirky old white lady dancing like nobody’s at the Warriors game. I’m sure BuzzFeed already has about 17 different quizzes you can take to show what % of Dancing Warriors Mom you are because she’s like our like spirit animal and like omg. Now here’s the thing. Obviously this was planned out ahead of time. These types of things don’t just happen by accident. The hombre on her left that’s filming the big screen? Yeah, that doesn’t happen if this is just some random occurrence. He’s not ready to direct this shit like he’s Steven Spielberg if there was no prior planning.

*Clears throat… gets into Stephen A. Smith voice*

HOWEVA…… the point still remains that this is most likely somebody’s mother. Whether it was staged or not, somebody has probably come out of this woman’s vagina. And now, if you’re one of those people, you have a very fragile path to navigate. Because now this lady is like Elaine at the Christmas party. For the next few months, everybody is going to expect her to get up and dance like an idiot anytime music is playing. This can either go very well or very poorly. As history indicates with most of these people who end up going viral, it will be the latter.

TFW it’s Friday and you already decided you’re getting Chic-Fil-A for dinner for the 2nd time this week.