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Ryan Miller Nominates Himself For Web Gem of the Year

uQKjZJd - Imgur

[insert SportsCenter music here]

Is it too late for Ryan Miller to win a Golden Glove? Now granted, the only reason Ryan Miller got to make this save is because he gave up 3 goals on 27 shots earlier in the game. Hockey is the ultimate team game. You’re not gonna find any egos out there on the ice. Chances are Ryan Miller doesn’t even remember making this save because he’s still so disappointed in himself for sucking nuts in the first 58 minutes. These guys care about one thing and one thing only–getting those 2 points for a good, team win. A basketball player goes on and on about this play for the rest of the season. Ryan Miller? It’s already out of his head. He’s already thinking about Jamie Benn and the Dallas Stars coming to town on Sunday so he can be better.

Either way, total beauty of a save. You’ll see it on every highlight package from now until the end of the year and people will forget that it was made in a losing effort. But yeah, that’s 10 losses in the last 11 games now for Vancouver. 11 games, just 1 win. So great save and everything but maybe start thinking about making those saves earlier in the game.

Moving on to another potential Save of the Year candidate (this one coming from the best goaltender in the league)

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A healthy Carey Price adds another Vezina Trophy to his resume this season. That’s 9 starts for Price, 9 wins. With a save% of .953 and a GAA of 1.56 (the only team that’s been able to score more than 2 goals against Price in a game is the Flyers. Nbd but kbd). The Habs are 12-1-1 on the season and the best team in the league despite what some other blogs may lead you to believe. Now here’s a reminder. They did the same thing last year. Came out of the gate flying. Looking like a team that could possibly go wire-to-wire. Then Price went down with an injury and the entire team went to shit. So if you hate the Habs, at least you have some hope. Only problem is that you have to be an asshole and wish injury upon Carey Price. That’s your own personal call to make.

P.S. – That Ryan Miller save reminded me of Clark, the Canadian hockey goalie. So happy Friday.