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Brazil's Miss Bum Bum Has A Spinoff Called "Miss Granny Bum Bum" For Women Over 50 And Yeahhhhh I'm Not Quite As Sold

YouTube/Ruptly – ‘Miss Granny Bum Bum’ – a new section of the annual Miss Bum Bum competition – was introduced at this year’s event in Sao Paulo, on Wednesday evening.

Contestants aged 50 or over strutted down the catwalk at the La Fiesta club in front of judges and an audience. One contestant, Silvia Kubula, captured the light-hearted spirit of the event: “I think it was worth it, as everything I do nowadays is fun. I have done so many things during my lifetime that nowadays everything that comes is welcome.”

Usually I like to post things that I enjoy or things that speak to me in some way enough to bring it to all your attentions. But I’m going to tell you right now: This did not speak to me. In fact, this outright repulsed me. I do not need to see 50-year-old Brazilian women stuffed into tiny bathing suits parading around as if they’re viable sexual partners. I don’t like it. But I know from the Tinder roundups that a lot of you like gross MILFs and I’m going to give that to you. I personally like a woman who can still shed her uterine lining once a month or doesn’t look like she’s a Madame Tussauds statue standing next to an incinerator but I won’t hold you guys to those standards.

So enjoy Miss Granny Bum Bum. You want to see Norm from Cheers named a Miss Bum Bum? Fine. Take it.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 4.43.52 PM

Devalue entire decades of women parading around in swimwear for the right to be rated highly enough to wear a sash, why don’t you. Thanks Bum Bum competition committee.