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Fuck All The Racist Idiots Coming Out Of The Woodwork After The Trump Election





These are from this Twitter moments list. Yes, some of these stories may of course be exaggerated or even fake. It is, after all, the internet. There will also be many more that go unreported. But the sheer volume and content of these make what is happening to some people undeniable.

FUCK all of these idiotic morons that think it’s now okay to be racist. Fuck anyone that ever thinks it’s okay to be racist. Fuck anyone that ever thinks it’s okay to just be blatantly mean to other people, let alone racist, bigoted, threatening, and worse. Are you really so fucking stupid that because Trump was elected you think it’s kosher to verbally and physically attack other people because they’re of different ethnicity than you? You are trash. You are pathetic. You are the fucking worst.

I joke around as much as anyone about Trump. I laugh and giggle and hoot and holler at a lot of his antics. I even laughed just looking at him sitting in the Oval Office today. Funny shit. But the truth and reality is that his rhetoric and some of the tones with which he used it is frighteningly alarming to the disenfranchised in our country. The many minorities that already experience significantly more complicated lives than the rest of us believe — understandably so — that they’re now subject to living in a country where not only do some people believe they don’t belong, but that their democratically-elected president too believes that.

Imagine for a second what that would feel like. That would suck.

Yes, racism exists in the United States. It exists everywhere, of course, but it definitely exists here. People that pretend it doesn’t are dumb. It existed before Trump ran for president, it existed during his candidacy, it will exist during his presidency and long after it. It existed before, during, and after Obama too.

What fucking sucks is that there are certain morons out there that believe that that inner racism is now okay, is now acceptable, is now the norm. That believe they can now act upon those horrifically misguided beliefs in their own superiority.

Hey dumbasses, you suck. You’re the mentally weakest of us all. You’re the emotionally weakest of us all. You’re the intellectually weakest of us all. While the rest of us spend at least a small portion of our time reflecting, contemplating, and making an empathetic effort to understand and appreciate others, you go out of your way to force a negative impact on others’ lives… because they look different?

Fuck you. You suck. In the same way that a group of people dragging and beating a Trump voter gives a bad name to anti-Trump people everywhere, you doing this serves up a horrible name for Trump supporters everywhere. You’re hurting everything, even your own cause, not helping. The vast, vast, vast, vast majority of Trump voters are not like you. They despise you.

Let’s hope Donald does too (as I believe he does).