Roger Goodell Says Donald Trump's Comments On Women Are Hard To Explain To His Daughters. All Together Now: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Can everyone taste it? Can you taste the delicious hypocrisy here? Roger Goodell doesn’t know how to explain Donald Trump’s comments on women to his daughters. Not really the most self-aware guy, are ya Roger?

I think I can stop leading with this but everyone knows I think Trump is a piece of shit. I’ve made that point very clear over the last few months. But, if I were to rank what’s more difficult to explain to little girls, I’d say that slaps on the wrist for treating your wife like a speed bag are slightly more difficult to comprehend than a man who says bad words about them. Donald Trump calls women ugly and has said incredibly lewd things about them, things that classify as sexual assault. But when it comes to disrespecting women, Roger Goodell is no slouch. Before you get into the Trump stuff, why don’t you explain to your daughters how Ray Rice gets one game for KOing his wife in close quarters combat then you try and sweep it under the rug. Before  you get to the Trump stuff, explain how Greg Hardy choked his girlfriend out and threw her onto a pile of automatic weapons and was allowed to play until people took notice. Before you get to Trump, explain how Josh Brown, a fucking sociopath who repeatedly abused his wife and even did it on NFL trips to NFL security had to step in, was punished for one game and you just said, “Hey I didn’t know it was that bad,” even though the information was easily accessible.

Handle your own shit before you try and blame others for the the confusing world your daughter is growing up in. Or should Trump just start selling pink Make America Great Again hats and say, “Female fans are totally super important to us,” then call it a day?