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Newsweek Mistakenly Printed And Sold Magazines That Had Hillary Clinton As The Next U.S. President

NY Post- Newsweek’s partner in its commemorative-issue business clearly jumped the gun by printing and distributing a “Madam President” issue proclaiming Hillary Clinton had won the election. The issue went on sale on Tuesday before polls closed. Media Ink was able to pick up a copy at the Barnes & Noble bookstore on Union Square.

While Newsweek Editor-in-Chief Jim Impoco okays the covers, the issues are actually produced by Topix Media, which pays a licensing fee to Newsweek owner IBT Media. The special issue triggered howls of protest from Trump supporters who claimed it demonstrated that the election was “rigged” by the main stream media. Topix Media CEO Tony Romando said his staff also worked up a “President Trump” issue in case the Republican won. But when poll numbers showed last weekend that Hillary was likely to win, he printed and shipped copies to get them to retail outlets. If Hillary loses, those unsold issues would be recalled and pulped, he said.

Love, love, looooove this move out of Newsweek. You can’t knock the hustle of a magazine company looking to sling some product as the print media industry patiently waits for Death to run his scythe (had to look up that word) through its neck. Survive and advance is the way of life in the business world. And I’m pretty sure that the Dewey Defeats Truman newspaper fetches a pretty penny. And a box full of brand new 19-0 Patriots shirts would sell like hot cakes on eBay. So why not do the same to push some magazines on the American people and weirdo collectors? Who even buys magazines anymore, anyway? Shit, the baseball card industry may not have fallen off of a fucking cliff so quickly if it had printed a few more Billy Ripken Fuck Face cards. So hats off to whoever green lit the printing of both magazines. It’s hard enough tread water in the print news industry. Hell, even the digital news industry is likely in a panic after new kid on the block BNN tossed them around the ring and beat them to the punch for every state in the union during the election. Darwinism at its finest.

P.S. There’s a strong to quite strong chance that someone in the Democratic party had to buy one of these for when Hillary inevitably ends up in the loony bin, right? Chelsea will make her bimonthly visit to tell her mom that she’s actually the President and Crazy Debbie from down the hall is her V.P. all while feeding Hilldawg tapioca and showing her this Newsweek cover.