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Love This Dude From Florida Who Wrote In Paris Hilton But Now Doesn't Feel Safe With Donald Trump As His President





This motherfucker is voting in Florida, something of an important state, and treating it like a joke, even writing hearts over his i’s as he writes in Paris Hilton for president (note: Paris has grown her inherited wealth at something like 5x the rate Trump has so maybe not the worst vote ever), but now that Trump won it’s everyone elses fault. Such a perfect Twitter politician. No blame belongs to acidhunk. No blame belongs to the Democratic Party. It’s all everyone else’s fault.

You fucking idiots have no one to blame but yourself. If you truly believed that your personal safety was at risk then why did you get the fuck out there and vote rather than make jokes on Twitter? If you were worried about your life then why didn’t you campaign? Why’d everyone sit on Twitter and make “LOL Trump stinks no way he wins” and assume that was going to win an election? You were dumb, you sat on your hands, and you lost an election. Don’t cry to me.