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Jerry Thornton Returns To Barstool Sports -- Section 10 Podcast Ep. 58

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On Episode 58 of the Section 10 Podcast, the Fernando Abad episode, we’ve got our guy Jerry Thornton, who is leaving WEEI after two years, and making his triumphant return to Barstool Sports in less than two weeks. In our interview with Jerry, we bounce all over the place, covering his early days at the Stool, how he originally got his first gig with the Barstool newspaper, when the conversations about a return to Barstool first started, how that conversation with Portnoy went, his experience at WEEI, if he’s going to maintain a relationship with the station or explore other options, his experience writing for WEEI.com and how it was different from writing for Barstool, how he feels about those who discredit him for being a fan of the team he covers, what his feelings were when he first learned about the Chernin deal, what his new role at Barstool is going to be like, and a bunch more.

Also, programming notice, we made two pretty big announcements that pertain to Section 10 moving forward in this episode. Pretty excited about both of them.

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