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Artemi Panarin Put His Offseason Boxing To Good Use Last Night

Artemi “Triple GGG” Panarin going to TOWN on Scottie Upshall last night. Fighting up a weight class and still whipping some ass. Upshall isn’t a fighter usually himself, but he’s a pretty scrappy guy who is good for a fight or so every year. Panarin took his ass to the wood shed. All that offseason training in Russia getting put to good use.

panarin boxing


No, I don’t like having one of the best players on the team throwing his hands at plastic and human bone. Having said that…it was awesome to watch. Panarin also tried to scrap with Matthew Dumba last year when he threw a questionable hit on Kane. Not a bad thing to be willing and able to throw once in a blue moon.

That wasn’t all for Artie. Guy completed his first ever Gordie Howe Hat-Trick with the game-winner in OT.

And the Blackhawks keep on rolling. This is a big week for the Blackhawks with games against STL, Montreal and Washington before heading on the road for a few weeks.

Quick thoughts

  • Corey Crawford, is he elite? Uhhh yeah he is and has been for awhile now. Feels like he is just now starting to get some respect. The two Stanley Cups didn’t do it, but you’d have to think he’s the leader in the clubhouse for the Vezina in the first month of the season. .939 save percentage on the year. At even strength his save percentage is the best in the NHL at .979. That’s INSANE. His last 6 games his GAA is 1.oo. Not too hard to win when you’re only giving up a goal per game. Crawford was  the team’s second best player last year and he’s probably their best player right now.
  • Anisimov got dinged up last night and didn’t return. Injury bug catching the Hawks a bit here. First with TVR, then Forsling missed some time, now Anisimov and Motte will be out. With Anisimov out I think you’ll see Panik moved back up to LW with Toews and Kane and Schmaltz will drop down to center the 2nd line. Hopefully this also means that Hinostroza can get back in the lineup. I think Hinostroza’s future in the NHL is at a wing and not center. He’s gotta be a little better on the wall winning battles, but he has quick hands and quick feet. Two of the hardest things to find in the NHL. He can use his speed and quickness to affect the game if he can consistently help get the puck out of his own end.

Dynasty reign, go Hawks.