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Paul McCartney Just Won The #MannequinChallenge

That right there is reason number 854,501,924 why Paul McCartney is a musical genius. All the haters of The Beatles can zip their lip, throw on their Spotify, and let greatness just wash over them. Sir Paul is still winning all these years later. Dude has kabillions of number 1 hits, records sold, and dollars in his bank account. Yet he still took the time out of his busy schedule to win the #MannequinChallenge at the tender age of 74. Because if you are mentioned in a rap song and participate in the ridiculous viral video craze despite being older than dirt, you win said viral craze. Those are the rules. Mic fucking dropped. Game, set, match, Paul McCartney. And bonus points for snubbing Ringo in the best addition by subtraction move ever.

Barstool still gets the silver medal though.