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This Israeli Chick Is Being Called The Hottest Lawyer On The Planet And You Won't Hear Me Object

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MTOYarden Haham works as a lawyer in Israel – and she’s very successful at it. But when she’s not in the courtroom, she’s on Instagram building up her following and working on her budding dance career.

Some people are criticizing the lovely young lawyer – for being “too sexy” on social media.

First: I nailed that headline. Objection! Hearsay! That’s lawyer talk. Second: I love these blogs. This girl, that thickkkkk/thicc teacher, that other even hotter teacher who went viral for some kid filming a creep vid of her…I’m just glad we live in a world where women can be professional and successful and also thot it up hard for the fictional title of Sexiest Woman In ___ Profession and that I can then bring that to you. What a world, Donnie Trump’s America for ya.

Also I say this without a ton of Israeli experience but we really should be spending more effort importing these girls to America. This chick, Sloan from Entourage, that other unbelievable Coral Sharon Instagram girl, random girls I’ve sween on Twitter with amazing tits…there’s something there that frankly I’m not getting enough exposure to. We shouldn’t keep backing Israel in global endeavors unless they share the wealth.