All Of The Anti-Trump Protests Across The Country Almost Make Me Happy Trump Won

No one’s ever going to mistake me for a Trump supporter or a Trump fan or even a Trump “I don’t think the guy is a piece of shit, maybe he’s alright.” I hate him. I think he’s a fucking racist scumbag with a few sexual assaults under his belt and I think it sucks that he’s the president elect of our country.

Having said that, FUCK these people. Fuck them right to hell. Are you idiots too stupid to see that this is basically the reason Trump got elected? Too dumb to realize that a significant portion of America, enough to get him the electroal votes he needed, are sick of the bellyaching that goes on when you weren’t wronged, things just aren’t happening exactly as you wanted them in your perfect world. I’d ask what you’re even protesting but it’s an insult to protests to call these one. These demonstrations are a bunch of whiny fucking brats who didn’t get their way so now they’re stomping in the aisles at the supermarket and holding their breath until mommy buys them the cereal they want. This isn’t a protest it’s a goddamn temper tantrum. There was a democratic election and you fucking lost, deal with it. Or is that what you’re protesting? Are you protesting democracy and think Hillary should just go fucking chain herself to the White House gate and not agree to shit out the key until they say she can live there?

This is the exact shit that everyone feared would happen if Trump lost. People said he threatened the peaceful transition of power and all that America stands for because he wasn’t sure if he would accept the results of the election. What the fuck are you guys doing? Storming the streets and gathering outside his building with pitchforks and torches. Streets and infrastructure were shut down, there were shootings, flag burnings, violence, and New Orleans even burned the president elect in effigy. Can you IMAGINE if these were Trump supporters rather than Hillary? Democrats would be scared to leave their houses until spring because the people outside with different political views must be violent, dangerous maniacs! Everyone would be talking about how it’s New World Order and Trump’s to blame because of the dialogue he used at his rallies. But this? This is just good people making their voices heard. It’s insanity. You want to protest? Go protest outside the Democratic Party’s HQ and tell them you’re pissed off they gave people a shitty candidate to vote for and ran a shitty campaign and lost to a scumbag.

I hate Trump with a burning passion and I wish to god he wasn’t our president, but I hate these people even more. If you followed Lady Gaga to a cry fest outside Trump Tower last night then fuck you.