Staying Up With Smitty Ft. "Special" Guest Debuts Tonight At 10pm Sharp

Flashback to The Time I Had To Dogsit Nate to see exactly what I’ve been forced into signed up for.

And it has come to this. Nate At Night was a complete disaster. I guess the general public didn’t want to hear from a Walter Cronkite that’s dropped a good foot and a few chromosomes. So the powers that be told me to join the cause and do what’s good for Barstool, and more specifically Nate. Time to bring out the Spider Monkey…but unfortunately I don’t know if that’s possible without squashing him like the pest he will become. His Twitter dick has been flaccid since the move, but a couple Shirley Temples disguised as Oak’s and Cokes should placebo effect him into a menace. And God help the office once Doink The Clown is unleashed.


Anything and everything is on the table. We’ll be taking phone calls at 646-627-8450 and streaming on Facebook Live. Should be interesting to say the least.