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Florida Votes To Release Genetically-Modified Killer Mosquitoes To Fight Zika So Here Comes The Zombie Apocalypse

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Daily Mail- Floridians have voted to release a batch of genetically-modified killer mosquitoes in Monroe County to fight Zika. Despite dwindling public interest, the virus has shown no sign of slowing down. New local infections have been announced every day since the outbreak hit Miami in July this year, and CDC director Dr Thomas Frieden has warned that Zika is ‘really not controllable with current technologies’.  Now, in a move that scientists hope could control the virus, some residents have backed a proposal to release a lab-developed group of mosquitoes designed to infect the Zika-carrying mosquito population with a fatal disease. But confusingly, the county that would host the killer mosquitoes – Key Haven – overwhelmingly rejected the bill by 65 percent to 35 percent.


Okay cool so nobody in Florida has ever seen a zombie apocalypse movie despite the fact they are the exact state where a dude huffed bath salts and ate someone’s face off. Well let’s help them out. This is EXACTLY the type of thing that jump starts a zombie apocalypse. Like exactly. A bunch of super smart scientists manufacture a genetically-modified mosquito to kill the Zika virus. Sounds good, right? Well it is until one of those genetically-modified killer mosquitoes bites a human and turns that human into a genetically-modified killer human who feasts on brains. It’s that simple. Now, those scientists will undoubtedly say, “No way that’s gonna happen. That’s absolutely ridiculous” which is exactly what scientists say during the first act of a zombie apocalypse movie. You know what we could do? Since Trump is gonna be president and plans to build that giant wall, maybe buy a few extra supplies and have an additional wall built that separates Florida from the rest of America. Let them deal with the zombie apocalypse they created. That feels like wins all around.