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Stephen A. Smith Goes IN On Colin Kaepernick For Not Voting In What May Be The First Stephen A. Smith Rant I've Ever Enjoyed

Maybe the first time Stephen A. Smith has ever opened his mouth and I heard words come out and I didn’t immediately click out or change the channel. Actually enjoyed this one. Felt myself bobbing my head right along with him. And when he picked up the pace and really went IN?? I was nodding and fist pumping and yelling PREACH all over this bitch. I mean you just can’t stage a protest for this long on this big a stage and then just not fucking vote. What an absolutely outrageous thing to do. Like not even for a third party? Or a fucking write-in? To just not even drag yourself to the polls to cast a vote? LOL-funny how hard you just discredited everything you worked to build.

Oh and by the way this isn’t a “protest” it’s just called not voting.