Tom Brady Asked About His Support Of Donald Trump, Says To Talk To His Wife

I think that little clip is pretty much how everyone expected this to go. It’s not the mad genius of Belichick’s “Seattle… Seattle… Seattle…. Seattle,” but it was the polished politician that is Tom Brady. Gave a lot of answers but at the same time didn’t. Yeah he called Trump, no he didn’t give Trump permission to say that he voted for him, he definitely voted for him. That’s pretty much what we knew all along, I think. Brady was definitely voting for Trump, he was definitely not dumb enough to tell Trump to announce his endorsement.

The ending is the best part for me, though. “Talk to my wife.” Doesn’t matter if you’re the best quarterback in the history of the world, everyone’s got a boss. No one has complete freedom. You want to know how Tom reacted to Donald Trump getting elected? Talk to his wife, the Brazilian who constantly fights for environmental awareness, she’ll answer all your questions.