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Marc Gasol's Tip-In Buzzer Beater Had To Be The Most Shocking Thing To Happen Last Night, Right?

What an ending! All the advanced numbers (the chart below) said that the Grizzlies were toast. Not a chance to win. I can’t find what Five Thirty Eight predicted about the game, but I bet Nate Silver would have said the Nuggets were basically a lock before Marc Gasol put the team on his back like Greg Jennings while Vince Carter was dropped a dime that would make Jason Kidd smile. I mean look at this win probability chart.

via inpredictable

Unbelievable. The pundits are probably still wiping egg off their faces. And the only thing less likely than that play working was Marc Gasol’s postgame tweet. Didn’t have him pegged for a 2Pac guy.

Then again, shit was on tilt last night in Memphis. Mascots getting naked popping that ass to Ginuwine.

There are lots of talk about where America is headed. But if Memphis is any indication, things are about to get WILD.

And I would be remiss not to mention include the greatest tip-in buzzer beater in the history of planet Earth, complete with a Gus Johnson meltdown. God I miss David Lee.