Yale Professor Makes Econ Midterm Optional For Anyone Who Is Too Upset About The Election Results

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Something I kind of forgot about because it happened so long ago in Blog Years – colleges literally shut down because of the word “TRUMP” being written in chalk. A candidate’s name being written in sidewalk chalk sparked protests and closed off buildings. My very own alma mater.

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Kansas too. Then UT-Chattanooga. Then some others. Chalkings everywhere. Hurt feelings everywhere.

Well I’m not sure if you caught the news last night but…that guy is the President now. Sorry if you have it DVR’ed and that’s a spoiler but it’s true. So if his name in writing can do that, what’s his being the leader of the Free World going to do?

Re-reading that Kansas blog and I actually addressed this exact thing.

I wonder what happens to these kids if Donald Trump is elected president? I mean I don’t think that will happen at this point. And I hope to God it doesn’t. But in the back of my mind in places I don’t like to talk about at parties I kind of think about it a little bit. I mean you got to at least be curious right. If a serial protester offended by everything that happens around them cries and begs the university to protect their safe space when a candidate’s name and/or campaign slogan is written in chalk on the ground…what happens if they win? [4/1/2016]

Time to find out! Ask and you shall receive.

I’ll have to put together a roundup of all the protests going on because there are too many to just stick in here. But I do know the College Safe Space brand has never been stronger. Seriously if you could buy stock in Safe Spaces I would buy buy buy.